A pothead history of the electric bass:

Essentially it all began back in 51 with the Precision, a relatively compact solid wooden bodied bass with a pickup and a fretted neck that could be dangled from a strap. Glued or screwed together from machined parts, it is fair to say that Leo pretty much nailed it right there and then.

Whether by chance or design, Fender's original scale length was 34 inches and so are the vast majority of basses ever since, including the most radical rethink to date, the carbon graphite Steinberger.

To be continued...

And here are some suitably offbeat selections:

The Aubergine that ate Rangoon.
Starts with an excellent 1 note bass line from the 1977 LP: Astounding Sounds Amazing Music, by Hawkwind with Paul Rudolph on Bass (and most likely some of the unusually tasteful guitar work on that record too).

The Girl From Hirschhorn.
An almost mesmeric 2 note bass line drives this brilliant gem from the 1974 LP, Dance Of The Flames by Guru Guru with Hans Hartmann on Bass.

The Boss of the Bass,
Funk in your face Steinberger style by Rudy McDaniel/Jamaaladeen Tacuma from his 1991 album of the same name.

To be continued...

You can offer your own suggestions here. and who knows any really good ones may get listed. Any that are truly ingenious might even warrant a freebie, although the criteria for this is entirely up to us!