BBE DI 1000 Ex-Demo
BBE DI 1000 Ex-Demo
The BBE DI-1000 is a high quality active with passive option direct box of the same class as similar products from Avalon, Aguilar and Raven Labs among others, but with the added magic of Sonic Maximizer technology. The transparent crystalline sound is a must for many discerning musicians and is ideal for Bass, Guitar and Keyboards in the studio and on the road. Active operation requires either a 9v Dc 200ma transformer or a 9v battery - not included.

o Fully Featured BBE Sonic Maximizer Circuitry
o Switchable 0/15dB pad
o Input and Thru ¼" Jacks
o 9v DC socket & drawer type 9v battery housing
o Ground Lift switch
o Balanced XLR Output
o Solid 1/8 inch Aluminium Housing 170x125x55mm
o 1% All Metal-Film Resistors
o Mil-Spec PCB and Traces

BBE Sonic Maximizer™ technology has almost unlimited applications and can be used to add sparkle and clarity to individual instruments or vocals and is unrivalled as an intuitive and easy to use mastering, playback or restoration tool that does not add any extra noise or artificial harmonics to the sound.

How does it work? There is an inherent tendency for loudspeakers to distort the phase relationship of the low, mid and high frequencies and also to perform less efficiently at the extremes of their frequency capabilities. Put very simply, the Sonic Maximizer circuitry works firstly to effectively restore the phase relationship of the signal and secondly uses a dynamic circuit to actively compensate for the poorer reproduction inherent at the lower and higher end of the frequency range. In short a simple to use and highly effective sound processing system that is the tool of choice for many professionals worldwide.